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Relocation included

Most of our jobs include full relocation support, including flights, taxi and hotel stay for a couple of weeks to make sure you’re off to a great start. 

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Upon landing your first job we will be holding your hand to support you in your first time. When you feel its time to level up and take on a more senior role = you know who to call.



Not wasting your time

We’re experienced recruiters with fancy university diplomas and many years’ experience from the industry, heck we even got a license from the Maltese government.


Why apply at Scandistaff?

  •  Easy-peasy application process (approx 1 min.)

  • Guidance and coaching before final interview

  • We will call you when new jobs arrives

  • Skilled and well educated recruiters

  • Your own career agent that keeps contact for many years

Why iGaming & Malta?

Apart from Silicon Valley back in CA is there’s no place where one can have such a quick and interesting career. The industry has been booming since it started and every year the companies making new records. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Also Malta is kind of a sweet place to live! Here’s some quick facts about our little Mediterranean gem:

English speaking
300+ Sunny warm days year-round
2nd best place to live according to InterNations Expat survey
iGaming salaries pays about 100% more than other jobs.
Best climate in the world according to the Daily Telegraph
EU’s lowest unemployment rate
One of the lowest crime rates in the world
Excellent flight connections just 20 minutes away, regardless where you live

  • Nov 2012

    The idea of Scandistaff was born

    Two HR students at a Swedish university saw an opportunity to bring Nordic style HR to Malta and its booming iGaming industry.

  • July 2013

    The tale begins

    Scandistaff opened up shop in a small apartment in a tranquil village on the Maltese countryside. Start small – act big.

  • Mar 2014

    Things start to take up pace

    Business starts to grow and more people get to know about the new kid on the block. The company opens its first proper office in San Gwann with an address no-one could pronounce.

  • June 2015

    Welcome to the family

    New bigger office is opened at University Heights to cope with the increased client base and jobseekers.

  • Oct 2016

    Corporate baby!

    What started as a dream on a rainy day at the University library ended up in a company that each year consults thousands of jobseekers and matching hundreds of energetic and thrill seeking with their dream job and life. To be continued..

Available Positions

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Who will I be working for?

Our clients consist of about 95% iGaming operators, suppliers and vendors. We collaborate with the top brands in the industry and we have active relationships with companies based in Malta, Gibraltar, South Africa, Gran Canaria as well as in London and Stockholm.

We only recruit for licensed companies with proper finances and that provides full-time permanent equal opportunity employments.

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Our workflow

Well what do we have here?

We start with having a look at your profile – will your experience and personality match our clients wishes and company culture?

Lets meet!

We meet either in-person at our office or at Skype. We will examine your interest, suitability and tell you all about the job itself.

Congrats! You got the job

We help you arrange with all documents that’s needed and give you practical information about life in Malta and how to start your new life. We then keep in touch afterwards to ensure that everything goes well.

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